hammond alarm system
About US

Security Technology Services is dedicated to bringing the newest solutions to its customers. We provide an array of services including cameras, security alarms, home automation, and access control.
What truly makes our company unique is the ability to integrate a
combination of these and many other services. We are able to provide these services by staying current on the newest technologies, and developing solutions. Let us serve you.
Let us protect you!

Why Choose Us?

  1. We are reliable
    Using certified staff, tested equipment, and UL approved monitoring adds up to more reliable systems. More reliable systems gives you more value and protection for your home or business.
  2. We're licensed
    Did you know that most states requires security licenses? Our staff our background checked by the state and licensed by the state, as is our company. Is your current security provider licensed?
  3. We have magic
    OK, it's not magic but it feels like it. With our ability to integrate systems, we can give you more possibilities , control. and protection for your home and business. Just contact us about about the many services that we offer.